Welcome to Jay Ikislak Foundation

Jay Ikislak Foundation is a non-government group which tends to help children know more about every history and culture online. It will help most children to learn a lot that will contribute to their studies.

We tend to educate children more to give them the boost towards their knowledge regarding historic happenings and highlights around the world. With these ideas, they can be aware of everything about history.

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Fernandus, Rex, Hyspanie

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Interest in Art

My interest in art stems back to my childhood years when my family resided in New Jersey. There I was exposed to the various cultures of art and the impact that art has made throughout history. I salute you and your colleagues in the contribution you are making to our children and the future of this community.

As a young man I began collecting books on the discovery of Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean. The regard I’ve had for art has continued to grow. We have since established the Kislak Foundation, to which my wife, Jean, and I have donated a portion of our collection. I would like the Foundation and its collections to continue indefinitely. This twitter profile is very interesting to see.

We are honored to share the Kislak Collection with the future leaders of our society. I encourage you to take advantage of the limitless opportunities to absorb the culture behind this Pre Columbian Collection and the unique Books & Manuscript Collection of the history of our community.

About the Precolumbian Collection

Serious collecting of Precolumbian Art objects by Jean and Jay Kislak began over a decade ago, through a keen attraction to archaeology and history. Interest in this field was also stimulated by a desire to extend the historical picture of the New World beyond the Columbus 1492 discovery. Subsequent European literature on early exploration is already well represented here by our rare book and manuscript collection (see Rare Books and Manuscripts web pages).

Indigenous New World high civilizations produced an incredible array of surviving art, crafted in painted and fired clay; as well as carved in stone, jade, and other media. Most of the aesthetically superior museum objects functioned as elite funerary offerings to accompany the deceased on their journey to an underworld afterlife, and have been excavated from graves or ceremonial caches. Nearly two hundred art objects from the collection, mainly from Mexico and Guatemala, are handsomely displayed in the gallery. Visit Opinion Asia Facebook Page for best results.

The collection represents over 25 centuries of the development of civilization in all regions, from the precocious Olmecs on the Gulf Coast of Mexico (1200 B.C.), to the ambitious Aztecs in highland Mexico who were conquered by Cortes in the year 1521. A relatively small group of pieces comes from lower Central America and South America. From that area there are excellent examples of goldwork, textiles, and featherwork. Recently acquired is a rare collection of Precolumbian artifacts from the West Indies. Remarkably fine carvings in bone, shell, and stone survive from the Arawak Indians who inhabited the islands from A.D. 500 to 1500.


The Tortuguero Box measures 15.3 cm. long and 4.37 cm. high (5″ long x 1¼” high). It is made of hardwood, probably sapodilla, and the surface has been rubbed with red hematite pigment. The box is oblong in shape with four feet, and comes in two pieces: inside is a small stone figurine of relatively crude workmanship, probably from the Mixtec area and of a much later date than the box. The box illustrated here dates to the end of the seventh century A.D., and was carved in the Tortuguero region of Chiapas, not far west of Palenque. See more on this page for better ideas.

The upper surface of the lid depicts a standing figure of a Maya lord, grasping a staff in one hand and what may be a knife in the other. He wears high-backed sandals and a headdress fitted on the front with the jawless head of a long-lipped god; a Moan-bird feather is fixed to the top of the deity’s head.¹

Quick About History

The Jay I. Kislak Foundation is home to an important collection of rare books and manuscripts. Assembled over the past thirty years, this has become a very substantial library from which about three hundred volumes are shelved and displayed in the gallery

The Kislak library features historical aspects of “Americana,” especially early exploration and discoveries in the New World. Emphasized are the fields of “Floridiana,” “Caribbeana,” and “Mexicana.”

There are many first editions of extremely rare books, other copies of which can be found in only a handful of prestigious American libraries. Check out this Facebook Profile for more reference. Some works are the only copies existing in Florida. There are also many one-of-a-kind original documents.

This web-site introduces only a small sample of the holdings. Scholars are encouraged to utilize this exceptional resource located in South Florida.

Child About- Jay I Kislak Foundation

During the 1996-1997 school year, Dade County art teachers signed up for a visit with Mrs. Dianne K. Greaney, Museum Educator, at the Kislak Museum Gallery in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Twenty-seven different art teachers visited us this year with students from grades three through twelve. Twenty-five students came with each teacher to tour the building and see the contemporary art displayed and to see the Precolumbian collections in the Kislak Museum Gallery. Look at Business Men News Twitter Profile right now.

The Jay I. Kislak Foundation is pleased to participate in the Dade County Schools Museum Education Program, which has been in existance for five years.

Along with an informative tour of the gallery and an introduction to ancient cultures of this hemisphere, student drawings were done from observation, looking directly at the artifact, using fine point black marker, with no preliminary pencil sketching. Students spent an average of ten minutes working on their drawings with no opportunity for rewrites.

We hope you will enjoy the samples of works produced by visiting students and this will allow us all to see the world through the eyes of children.